Which Sports Car Should You Have In 2017

Which Sports Car Should You Have In 2017?

2017 is being welcomed by spectacular and highly rated sports cars which have already caught the eyes of many people. According to different reports issued in November 2016, there are over 100 new brands of sports cars from different motor companies. The following is a list of the top ten sports cars of 2017.

The 2017 Top 10 Sports Cars

1) Audi TT Coupe

Which Sports Car Should You Have In 2017This car has turbocharged engines which produce immense power. The car is economical in the consumption of diesel, for example, the “Ultra” 395bhp TT RS less diesel consuming model. It has Audi’s Quattro 4WD system making it suitable for high speeding in different roads.

2) Jaguar F-Type

Which Sports Car Should You Have In 2017The car has a super soft-top and spectacular coupe. At around $142,000, it is considerably affordable. It is also designed with a classic exhaust soundtrack. It is also fitted with V8 versions sound which provides maximum entertainment on the road.

3) Porsche 718 Cayman Coupe

Which Sports Car Should You Have In 2017The car has an engine refined from the old Boxster’s 6-cylinder engine. This makes up for its 718 model. The engine is 1.8 liter in capacity and the vehicle is petrol –efficient making it affordable to maintain it.

4) Audi R8 Coupe

Which Sports Car Should You Have In 2017The car has a soft-top making it seem streamlined for a fast move. It has a 602bhp engine in the R8 Plus Model. The car is designed with a standard 4WD system which makes it able to respond in speed while in different roads.

5) BMW 2 Series Coupe

Which Sports Car Should You Have In 2017The BMW 2 Series Coupe has already impressed many through its aesthetic features. It comes with both four and rear wheel drive. Nonetheless, the car is speedy in all its model. The vehicle also comes with wide range of engines enhanced with power and fuel efficiency.

6) Toyota GT86 Coupe

Which Sports Car Should You Have In 2017The car has a GT86 shape with a soft-top lining allowing it to cut through the air for improved speeding. It has a 197bhp 2.0 liter engine which is both powerful and economical in its fuel consumption.

7) Porsche 911 Coupe

Which Sports Car Should You Have In 2017This car has a seven-speed manual gearbox which issues the driver full control of its speed. With its 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged engine, the car is able to respond in speed immediately after it is started. It is designed with bulbous headlights and clearer rear rights making it unique.

8) 2017 Dodge Viper

Which Sports Car Should You Have In 2017This car is a 2-door as well as a 2-seat coupe. It is also fitted with an 8.4 liter and 10-cylinder engine and a manual gearbox for effective performance and effective response. The car can make up to 12-mpg while in the city and 19-mpg while it is in the highway.

9) BMW i8 Coupe

Which Sports Car Should You Have In 2017The vehicle is enhanced with two electric motors as well as 4WD system making it to be one of the best performers in 2017. It can make up to 1-62mph in just 4.4 second. This car is fuel efficient and sparing in how it emits gases such as CO2 as it drives along.

10) Subaru BRZ Coupe

Which Sports Car Should You Have In 2017The car has a 6-speed manual gearbox with some of its models offering automatic gearboxes. Its engine is designed to yield up to 197bhp for improved speed and performance.


The year 2017 will see in a couple of spectacular sports cars which are already eagerly awaited by many people. The 2017 Dodge Viper has emerged as the best sport car favorable to buy in 2017. The car performs superbly well in the highway and in the city offering the best of power and economy in engine and fuel consumption. It is being priced at $87,890 and with a 60-months-warranty. Also, the car comes in a wide range of colors such as black, demonic red/black, and orange.

How Does a Dash Camera Work

How Does a Dash Camera Work?

Dash cameras functions effectively while fitted in almost everything. However, it makes more sense when they are fitted in cars. A dash camera fitted on your car keeps an eye for you in everything that takes place on the road and at the parking.

Therefore, it stores images and video clips which can act as your source of evidence in case you come across an incidence while driving. It also helps you in recording different events that took place in your car such as road trips, misuse by your personal driver, and the cause of incidences on the road.

Dash Camera Functions

How Does a Dash Camera WorkDash camera is made up of several parts such as: video camera, hard-wired power inputs, and a storage media which stores the video clips and images taken by the camera. The camera is connected to a circuit which is activated by the ignition key to start the functioning of the camera.

By starting the camera, it is designed to work continuously and to record everything until the ignition key is turned off. Also, the camera is also designed to function while the vehicle is at the parking. This makes it possible to record all the events taking place around the vehicle.

The dash camera is fitted with a high definition feature. Therefore, it can be able to record footage and read the road ahead of you. At the same time, this feature allows you to view other vehicles, passengers, and objects in the road ahead of you.

How Does a Dash Camera WorkThe high definition view enables you to record images and video clips bearing the number plates and the information about vehicles and other objects on the road. This can help you to make up evidence to be used in cases of incidences.

The dash camera has a loop recording. While using other cameras, you need to keep on checking the size of the memory storage available to hold your files. Thus, if your storage is insufficient, you may either change it or delete some files.

However, this can be hectic especially while dealing with a dash camera which is already fitted in different places of your car. Therefore, dash camera is designed with loop recording. This means that, if the memory turns full, the camera overwrites on top of the oldest files which might potentially be of no use to you at the moment. However, it takes a considerable time before its memory is full.

Dash camera also shows you the location and the time of an incidence. The camera is fitted with Global Positioning System (GPS) which is incorporated while taking images and pictures while driving. As a result, you can relate the occurrence of an incidence with the potential factors that contributed to it through assessing the road through GPS. Therefore, this ensures that you have full evidence that supports your claim.


Dash camera is the perfect devise for maximum security of your car on the road. With its functionality and all the above features and other features such as speed camera alerts, G-sensor, parking protection, and photo mode, the camera allows you to note every detail of an incidence taking place around your car on the road and at the parking.