't Take Their Cell Phones to School

Why Kids Shouldn’t Take Their Cell Phones to School?

Sociologists have investigated the differences in opinion, values, as well as behavior between generations. They have come up with the term “institutional age segregation” where the young generation has almost no interaction with the older except at the family table. For example, the American parents, caregivers, and educators face the contentious issues of kids taking their cellphone to school. Authoritative sources in the education industry have measured the outcomes of this behavior and have strongly opposed having kids come with cellphones to school. The following are the reasons why kids should not bring their cellphone to school:

Source of Distraction

Cellphones are known to distract the kids from their normal school work. For example, most cell phones contain games which are exciting to the children. In addition to that, the children can listen to the music of choice. This does not only disrupt the kid, but also the other kids as well.

Cases of Cheating

Why Kids Shouldn't Take Their Cell Phones to SchoolKids are aware that there are online sites whose purpose is to assist kids in their homework and other school activities. In this regard, they know that answers to such questions are posted on the internet. They also know that you can get answers to almost anything through Google. Consequently, the cell phone becomes a major temptation when writing exams.

Poor Socialization

Advanced technology came with its advantages, and its disadvantages too. For example, face to face meetings are reducing over time. The same case applies to the use of the mobile phones. Human beings are alienated all the more from each other. The eyes are set on the phone screen.

Parents do not desire that their children live that life. Not using the cellphones will encourage the kids to interact with each other. They are going to learn how to play, how to use gestures, and how to interpret facial language. Such a lifestyle will help the children make better social relationships that will help them live a balanced life.


Why Kids Shouldn't Take Their Cell Phones to SchoolCell phones encourage bullying, more so the psychological one. For example, kids have a habit of spreading rumors about a certain kid. This is made easier by the fact that the phone can facilitate that instantly. This can adversely affect the performance of the kid. When kids are bullied, their concentration in class drastically drops down.

Probability of a Phone Addiction

If you visit a school and watch the behavior of the kids at the time of dismissal, you will notice that quite a number of students whisking their mobile phones almost immediately. This shows how they feel about the urgency of the phones. Unlike adults, kids may not be able to control their behavior, and such a behavior might lead to addiction.


Kids should not be allowed to have cellphones in schools. Parents, caregivers, and teachers should have other ways of handling the advantages of such cellphones in schools. For example, the school management should have the list of all the parents/guardians of the kids in case of an emergency. In such cases, the kid can use the schools phones or the teachers’ cellphone. If the kid must come with the cellphone to school, then he or she must not be allowed to have it around.

Top Benefits of Having a Pet at Home

Top Benefits of Having a Pet at Home

In the present day, many people keep pets at home. Others are hesitant as they fear that pets might predispose one to certain allergies. All in all, keeping pets helps to make the home look warm and lively. Additionally, the pets have a lot more benefits to a person.

1. Improves the Levels of Interaction

Most pets are friendly and very playful. As such, they provoke one to engage with them as one tends to them. Most older adults are advised to keep pets at home. This is because the pet provides the seniors with a companion.

It very common to overhear the elderly talking to the pet as they feed them or play with them. The young children also benefit so much when they have a pet, and they can play with it as they talk to it. It helps in the development of the speaking abilities of the child.

2. Reduce Stress Levels

Top Benefits of Having a Pet at Home

Having a pet to talk with and play with contributes to the improvement of the general mood of a person. It is hard to remain gloomy when the pet is licking you and is there by your side excited and provoking you to play with it. Tending to the pets involves one standing and walking around. This helps to facilitate better circulation of the blood. Efficient supply of oxygen in the body leads to a decrease in the stress levels.

Stress increases when a person is gloomy and is constantly thinking about the stressor. This happens when one is depressed and inactive. However, a pet helps one not to be self-absorbed in thoughts and self-pity. They help one to direct their thoughts to something else other than the stressing event. This creates a distraction for the mind helping it to deal better with the stress..

3. General improvement in psychological wellbeing

Social behavior researchers have shown that spending time playing with a pet can help one get rid of tension and chronic fatigue. Playing with the pets triggers the brain to release feel-good hormones which help to improve a person’s psychological well -being.

Pets can be friendly to anyone. They are a source of unconditional love and royalty. Some people have very few friends, but have an excellent relationship with their pets. They help to improve the self-esteem of a person. Being a royal companion also helps to improve the general well-being of a person.

4. Teaching Children life-skills

Top Benefits of Having a Pet at HomeHaving a pet at home can help the parents instill certain skills onto their children. The pets provide an opportunity to teach the children about taking responsibility and taking care of something else other than themselves. They can also be taught empathy and compassion towards the pet.

5. For Physical Fitness

Pets such as the dog need to be taken for a walk. Some people go jogging with their dogs. Additionally, just having a pet at home means that you will be involved in several activities in the home as you walk around tending to the pet. All these help one to break a sweat and keep fit.


Traditionally, people have kept pets for the sake of having a companion. However, continued research will make people to adopt pets purposely. For example, more people will introduce pets in homes where there are senior adults due to their health benefits.