How Does a Dash Camera Work

How Does a Dash Camera Work?

Dash cameras functions effectively while fitted in almost everything. However, it makes more sense when they are fitted in cars. A dash camera fitted on your car keeps an eye for you in everything that takes place on the road and at the parking.

Therefore, it stores images and video clips which can act as your source of evidence in case you come across an incidence while driving. It also helps you in recording different events that took place in your car such as road trips, misuse by your personal driver, and the cause of incidences on the road.

Dash Camera Functions

How Does a Dash Camera WorkDash camera is made up of several parts such as: video camera, hard-wired power inputs, and a storage media which stores the video clips and images taken by the camera. The camera is connected to a circuit which is activated by the ignition key to start the functioning of the camera.

By starting the camera, it is designed to work continuously and to record everything until the ignition key is turned off. Also, the camera is also designed to function while the vehicle is at the parking. This makes it possible to record all the events taking place around the vehicle.

The dash camera is fitted with a high definition feature. Therefore, it can be able to record footage and read the road ahead of you. At the same time, this feature allows you to view other vehicles, passengers, and objects in the road ahead of you.

How Does a Dash Camera WorkThe high definition view enables you to record images and video clips bearing the number plates and the information about vehicles and other objects on the road. This can help you to make up evidence to be used in cases of incidences.

The dash camera has a loop recording. While using other cameras, you need to keep on checking the size of the memory storage available to hold your files. Thus, if your storage is insufficient, you may either change it or delete some files.

However, this can be hectic especially while dealing with a dash camera which is already fitted in different places of your car. Therefore, dash camera is designed with loop recording. This means that, if the memory turns full, the camera overwrites on top of the oldest files which might potentially be of no use to you at the moment. However, it takes a considerable time before its memory is full.

Dash camera also shows you the location and the time of an incidence. The camera is fitted with Global Positioning System (GPS) which is incorporated while taking images and pictures while driving. As a result, you can relate the occurrence of an incidence with the potential factors that contributed to it through assessing the road through GPS. Therefore, this ensures that you have full evidence that supports your claim.


Dash camera is the perfect devise for maximum security of your car on the road. With its functionality and all the above features and other features such as speed camera alerts, G-sensor, parking protection, and photo mode, the camera allows you to note every detail of an incidence taking place around your car on the road and at the parking.