What Is the Best Location to Put Your Tankless Water Heater

What Is the Best Location to Put Your Tankless Water Heater?

An option to turn to using a tankless water heater will translate into countless benefits in convenience, power efficiency, cost effectiveness, and durability. You will witness this once you embrace and install this reliable source for hot water at your home.

However, it is only after selecting the best location to install your tankless water heater that you will be able to enjoy this benefits and for a longer time. This will give you peace of mind without any necessity to change the location to a better one. Learn more about tankless water heaters over at Tanklesswaterheaterguy.com.

Which Location is Suitable to Put a Tankless Water Heater?

What Is the Best Location to Put Your Tankless Water HeaterMany people prefer erecting the tankless water heater on the roof top. Preferably, this is a suitable location for easy movement of water to different places in the house after being heated. However, you may need to adhere to the following guidelines before installing your equipment:

1) Choose the Previous Location

Normally, many houses are designed with a place where tanks should be placed. If you had a different tank or if you are replacing an old tankless water heater, you may choose the previous location for the new one.

Mostly, less installation activities will be required for this task. The water pipes as well as the gas delivery pipes are already in place. Therefore, the water heater will be in use immediately after being placed on its location.

2) Check the Venting Option

This is the position through which gases should access in and out of the tankless water heater after being used in water heating process. It should be free from blockage or poor direction of the gases, for example, into the house.

Ensure that venting is 3-feet from the windows if it is done through the wall. If it is done through the roof, ensure that the vent used is long enough to cover the distance. Big water heaters may be insufficiently served by roof venting over tall buildings. In such a case, you may prefer venting through the wall.

3) Ensure the Safety of a Place

What Is the Best Location to Put Your Tankless Water HeaterThe location you choose for your tankless water heater should be free from any eventual hazards that may lead to outbreak of incidences such as fire, electrical shock, and breakages. Avoid putting it under air conditioning parts or pipes which are susceptible to dripping. Also, avoid putting it over an electrical box since this may pose a great risk if the water heater drops.

4) Be Knowledgeable with your Building Codes

During construction, the building codes are tailored to secure a place for water heaters and other home appliances. Ensure that you are familiar with this factor since it will reduce your task in finding out a favorable place to fit your water heater.

5) Check the Distance

Do not put your tankless water heater too far away from the point of usage of the hot water, for example, the hot tub, kitchen, or bathroom. This may lead to loss of heat as the water travels from the water heater to the point of usage. Therefore, be sure to choose a distance that is significantly closer to the points of usage.


A tankless water heater has a technology that allows you to heat your water without relying on electrical power. At the same time, it is durable and able to serve you for a long time, thus, giving you the peace of mid. Thus, ensure that you choose a suitable location for it at your home.