Which Branch of the Military Should I Join

Which Branch of the Military Should I Join?

Many people have aspiration and plan to work in the military. However, they do not know the different branches in which they can join. The ones who know the branches have an inclination towards certain departments due to affiliation with certain influential people like relatives. Some of the Military branches include the Army, the Marine Corps, the Air Force and the Coast Guards.

Advice From Models and Branch Recruiters

It is prudent to do a holistic research on the various branches available, and the opportunities available in each branch. Relying on the advice from a Role model, such as a relative who is in the forces might give one a distorted view of the military. This is because, a person who is in the military, for example in the air forces, will most probably have a choice bias towards Air Force division. Meaning that they might create an appealing perception of the Air Force branch while playing down the opportunities in other branches.

Which Branch of the Military Should I JoinThe same is true when getting advice from recruiters from specific branches. Social behavior experts say that people tend to have a positive inclination to the choices we make. Therefore, a recruiter will subconsciously be inclined to their branch since it the choice he or she made years ago. Therefore, it is advisable to have an interaction with all branch recruiters, but have an open mind when noting down the information they give you.


Which Branch of the Military Should I JoinEvery military branch has its brochures that give details about the branch. It is important to look for the flyers and go through them so that you can be fully informed on what you can expect in any branch. The brochures are useful since they capture information in an objective manner.

Personal Motivators

Which Branch of the Military Should I JoinIt is important to note down a list of one’s intrinsic motivators towards joining the army. It is to get full-time employment, getting an opportunity to explore the world, the excitement of the action and so on. This list will help you to cross out the branches that do not offer such opportunities. After using the list of motivators to cut down the number of branches, compare the opportunities presented by each.

Other factors to consider is the opportunity to continue with education during the service. Some branches are involved in missions more often than others. Therefore, in such branches, it might be a challenge even to enroll in an online course. One should also consider the duration and the nature of training. It is said that the longer the training, the more skilled one gets and the more useful the training is. The type of training will be determined by how one can be able to utilize the skills learnt when one leaves the military.


Joining the military could be an exciting opportunity. It can be more interesting and intrinsically satisfying when one joins the branch which fits their desires and expectations. Therefore, before entering, take time and examine all the branches for an informed decision.