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Clogged Gutters Cause Problems

How to Go About Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is a must for every home that has a basement. Your major objective is to prevent leaks from creating puddles or completely flooding your basement floor. Flooding though is not the real danger in basements without a waterproofing system. In most cases, water can seep into the basement in small amounts without you even noticing. When this happens, you could end up with a moldy basement that is also a health hazard.

All basements are not exempt from gradual water entry. During rainy seasons, the soil that holds the water can exert pressure on the walls of the basement. If you look closely at your basement walls, you may notice small cracks with a white build up around them. This is a sign that water may already be seeping in from your walls. Most of the time though, water leaks can happen on the joints of the floor and walls.

Waterproofing may be easier if your home is still under construction. Your home contractor would simply have to use a technique called bonding. This would involve setting up a membrane that shields the internal basement walls from water penetration. There are also some membranes or wall sheets that can be put up from the inside. Contractors may already have product preferences of their own. If you had to choose though, there are product options like B-Dry Rigid Sealer, Deco 20 Seal Waterproofing Membrane and Dura-Systems Rubber Coating.

Waterproofing is an entirely different story if you bought a pre-built house. It is likely that the previous owner may already have a system in place. You may however, have to make a couple of additions to enhance the existing waterproofing system. One great element to add is a drainage system on the wall and floor joints. You can use SquidGee Dry, WaterGuard or other similar products.

Aside from an inside drainage system, you also need a reliable sump pump. You need this because this is the mechanism that gathers the water from the drainage system. The collected water is pumped outside. It would be better if you picked a pump that has a secondary power system. This will limit the chances of pump failure during power outages which are likely during heavy rains.

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There are other things to consider if you live in an area prone to frequent rains. Too much rain may put a strain on your basic waterproofing system. The best way to ensure greater basement protection would be to create a better external drainage system. This will make sure that water is instantly removed from the area before it can saturate the soil and put pressure on the basement walls.

In some cases, homeowners may be able to manage installing a system on their own. An extensive waterproof system however almost always requires the services of certified experts. Consider looking for a contractor or system provider that has a good reputation in the field of basement waterproofing. You could try well known companies and systems like B-Dry System and Basement Systems. There are however many other similar companies and contractors to choose from.

Do not delay basement waterproofing. If you have a basement, there is no question about your needing a reliable system. Take note though that even the most reliable systems require periodic checks. A time may come when you may have to replace, repair or reinforce an existing system.

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