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Repairs May Be Expensive

How to Go About Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is a must for every home that has a basement. Your major objective is to prevent leaks from creating puddles or completely flooding your basement floor. Flooding though is not the real danger in basements without a waterproofing system. In most cases, water can seep into the basement in small amounts without you even noticing. When this happens, you could end up with a moldy basement that is also a health hazard.

All basements are at risk of water leaks. Every time it rains, the soil absorbs too much water. The water in the soil is responsible for putting extreme pressure on the basement walls. The water can get into the basement directly through wall cracks. You can observe this when you notice white build up on small wall cracks. In most cases though, water gets into the basement through the points where the walls and floor meet.

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Your home may be under construction. In this case, you can directly add basement waterproofing. A basic element that must be included during construction is a basement wall membrane. Wall membranes resist water entry from the outside. Sometimes though, interior membranes or walls may also be installed as an added precaution. If you are interested in membrane waterproofing, you could look into such brand names as Dura-Systems Rubber Coating, B-Dry Rigid Sealer and Deco 20 Seal Waterproofing Membrane.

A pre-constructed home may require a different kind of waterproofing system. It is possible that the house you bought may already have a protective basement membrane. You may have to reinforce the existing system though with a drainage system from the inside. This means installing drainage channels on wall-floor joints. You can try using SquidGee Dry, WaterGuard and Real Dry System by Basement Systems.

Aside from an inside drainage system, you also need a reliable sump pump. You need this because this is the mechanism that gathers the water from the drainage system. The collected water is pumped outside. It would be better if you picked a pump that has a secondary power system. This will limit the chances of pump failure during power outages which are likely during heavy rains.

No quick fix to basement moisture
Q. I have a 1954 ranch house. I have had water seepage in the basement for many years, I have had several difference procedures done and none worked.

It is possible that you could be living in an area that is prone to heavy rains. If this is so, then the best internal waterproofing systems may not be enough. If you want better chances of securing your basement from water damage, you may want to set up an external drainage system that can divert water even before it gets to touch your basement walls.

Some people may prefer to install waterproofing systems themselves. Not every waterproofing project however can be performed by amateurs. You would save yourself a lot of trouble and prevent greater damage by getting the services of an expert. The available service companies will depend on your locality. There are some companies and system providers however that are popularly known nationwide. You could for example try contacting Basement Systems of service providers for B-Dry System.

You definitely cannot overlook or delay basement waterproofing. If you want to protect your property, you should start looking for a good waterproofing system. Remember too to periodically monitor the condition of your waterproofing system. You may have to reinforce your system at some point in the future.

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